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1,000 appliances repaired in 5 days

HASTE speed helps customers after E.ON - Central Networks sub station theft.
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We know that the major distress for customers is not short-term inconvenience - but long-term disruption caused by damage to the appliances that make their home function.

Wherever possible, we aim to repair appliances on-site, making them ready and safe to use with the minimum of fuss. Where, that’s not practical, or where safety concerns make it inadvisable, our workshop engineers can economically repair most items within 48 hours.

All appliances, gas or electric, are tested and returned from our workshops, installed and ready to use.

We can repair all household items from TVs to Heating Systems, Washing Machines, Fridges and Freezers. We can repair or replace fixed electrical items, arrange for our specialist engineers to remedy computer problems on-site, make repairs to Satellite Dishes and aerials and re-commission alarm systems of all types.

And we do so quickly, efficiently and to the highest professional standards.

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