1,000 appliances repaired
in 5 days

When the theft of copper cable from a sub-station in Walsall left 240 E.ON - Central Networks customers without power and with their domestic appliances damaged – patience was tested and relations with their DNO put under stress – despite there being no fault on either side.

Because of the relationship between E.ON and HASTE we were able to have an engineering team on site working and reassuring customers within three hours, reputations and relationships were preserved.

Key to managing the situation was HASTE’s ability to supply, at short notice, sufficient trained electricians to deal with such a major incident – for all 240 houses needed thorough wiring checks before power could be restored. And in line with a policy of customer care, HASTE visited each resident, explained the nature of the incident in detail and gave a clear timetable of when life could be returned to normal.

Considerable damage had been caused to nearly 1000 domestic appliances – a matter of great concern to homeowners. HASTE staff were able to assess the damage quickly, repair many appliances on-site in mobile workshops, or give firm reassurances about those that needed to be taken to regional repair offices. Within two days of the incident the majority of customers had their supply fully restored, all had their wiring checked and made good and every appliance had been checked for electrical safety Within five days, 1,000 damaged appliances had been returned in full working order.

HASTE know that such incidents can have a devastating effect on customer confidence, and E.ON - Central Networks and HASTE’s ability to act swiftly and sympathetically as a partnership was critical to ensuring that, not only was an incident resolved swiftly and efficiently, but that customer confidence remained intact. In fact, customers continue to acknowledge the difference HASTE made and we still receive unsolicited letters of thanks and appreciation.


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HASTE speed helps customers after E.ON - Central Networks sub station theft.

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