Gas and Fire and
Voltage faults

All voltage incidents have the potential to be dangerous, and all are undoubtedly upsetting for householders. But an incident in Letchworth caused particular worry – and needed an exceptional response.

Shorting in damaged cables had sent extraordinarily high current from the fault – sufficient to heat gas and water pipes to the point where joints failed and potentially lethal leaks occurred.

Then the inevitable happened, fire broke out at two properties, fire crews were called and residents evacuated.

Thankfully there were no injuries, but many householders were left without both electricity and gas in the middle of a cold January evening.

Because many HASTE engineers hold both Gas and electrical certification we could reassure residents and start work immediately – making safe properties and examining appliances for damage, replacing faulty pipes and repairing boilers. This policy of investing time and money to training our teams to deal with multiple trades had paid off once more.

Residents were reassured that HASTE engineers could deal with their problems competently and safely, and EDF - our client DNO - could relax knowing that a complex incident had been resolved speedily and efficiently.


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HASTE’s multiple skills help EDF in major incident.

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