Case study

£40,000 claim reduced to £2,000

HASTE investigation saves water utility company substantial payout.

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Increasingly, Haste are asked to provide expert evidence to insurance companies, something we’re happy and well qualified to undertake.

Insurance claims can become complex, and very often the validity of a claim depends on expert knowledge and an understanding of precisely how damaged was caused, how it can be best remedied and whether damage is consequential or incidental.

Because of our mobile teams’ long experience in dealing with incidents we can deal with claims efficiently and to the satisfaction of both the insured and the insurer.

Indeed, a sympathetic explanation about how damage was caused gives customers far more peace of mind - and is far more likely to retain their loyalty - than a blank refusal to meet a claim.

Investigation and reporting: Establishing just what has happened, and why, is vital. It’s the only way that conflicting claims can be resolved, future incidents avoided and better working practices established.

Facts have far more weight than opinions, and if those facts are thoroughly investigated, clearly presented and comprehensively documented they have more weight still.

Our highly experienced staff are able to conduct inspections both in our fully equipped workshops and on-site - providing the kind of evidence that’s invaluable in resolving insurance claims, identifying fraudulent claims or aiding Police investigations.

So we ensure these investigations are rigorous, with findings that are able to withstand challenge at the highest levels.

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