Haste Working for Water Utility Company during major incident

Haste’s major incident team were contracted to help manage customer care, dissemination of information, distribution of bottled water and appliance repairs during a water discolouration incident affecting about 1500 customers in the Coulsdon area of south London.

The discolouration occurred due to a pipework fault resulting in turbulent water through the network. The net result was cloudy water that was not harmful to health.

The Haste Team

The objective of the exercise was to engage with as many of the affected customers as soon as possible, to inform and deal with any worries plus offer assistance with problems encountered with water consuming appliances or boilers.

Haste mobilized twelve engineers who knocked a total of 1441 customers’ doors and handed out 723 bottles of water.

Over the course of a month we inspected and where appropriate carried out remedial measures to 477 appliances (including 134 boilers).

Announcement taken from Surrey & East Surrey Water’s website

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December 2014

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