Customer Service Innovations

Haste’s are proud of the consistent standards of excellent customer care that is at the heart of every service it provides.

Haste reputation has been built on past and continued excellence, and is renowned throughout the industry for the levels of customer care provided. This is recognised and aptly demonstrated by various customer service awards that have been presented to Haste.

Customer service innovation award – June 2014

This month Haste has started a new initiative to further enhance our levels of customer service.

The initiative, known as ‘Cuddle Calls’, entails that every customer visited by appointment is subsequently called at the point our engineer is leaving site, to ensure that the service provided met with their expectations and in order to capture any outstanding issues that remain. This initiative has a two-fold positive driving force on the service we provide.

Firstly it enables the customer to openly criticise any aspect of the service, which in turn drives continuous improvement of the service.

Secondly it enables any outstanding issue to be actioned with immediate effect and reduces time delays to job completion. Since the initiative began 4 weeks ago we have seen an improvement in our turnaround times, and we have enjoyed 100% positive customer comments, see extracts below –

Just spoke to Mrs HXXXX at HXXXX (Lock Island).
They said Chris was most helpful and very pleasant when he visited today. She told me that they have managed to clear up their outstanding issues and she has a receipt that she will be forwarding to us for lamps she has purchased.
Dan Lakin
Customer Services Assistant

Cuddle call made to Mr MXXXX of 7 PXXXX Stafford
Mr MXXXX said he was happy with the delivery; Haste have been prompt and courteous. All expectations have been met and has no issues he’d like to raise, could only offer positive feedback and thanked Haste for their help.
Sara Sara Platts
Customer Services Assistant

Just cuddle called Mrs LXXX of 3 BXXXX, Oldham

Very happy with our service. The engineer did an excellent job, cleared up afterwards and even lined the lights up for her. Delighted that her lights and diffusers have been sorted out and very happy with our engineers, especially Alan who she thought to be cute. Sara.
Sara Platts
Customer Services Assistant

Cuddle call Mr KXXXX, 19 WXXXX

He is very happy with the completed job, he wanted to extend his thanks to Chris, Pete, Kayleigh and myself, for all the work we have done for him, no outstanding work here.
Claire Birkett
Customer Care Team

Dear All,

Cuddle call done, customer very pleased with service, engineers were on time, did a great job, and nothing outstanding - Mrs FXXXX, she also wanted us to personally thank the engineers on her behalf. Kind Regards,
Ann Ann Mottram
Customer Services

Cuddle call here

Mr WXXXX not available so spoke to Kay the house keeper, her experience today... Chris is faultless and so polite, he has visited several times and is always a pleasure to deal with.
Claire Birkett
Welfare & Generator Services

Cuddle called customer

She said Hobbzy was "absolutely amazing", more than satisfied.
Kind regards
Steve Field Customer
Care Assistant

Cuddle call

For emergency submain that Paul m attended. Customer very happy with his workmanship and he left everything tidy even though the lady offered to clean up. Mr and Mrs MXXXX

Cuddle call to Mr GXXXX

He said he couldn't wish for better service. Mark Brown explained everything to him about the panel, he went through a checklist, set the boiler and all is working. Mr GXXXX is Very happy with the service. He left the paperwork so he can contact us if he needs to. Sara Platts.
Sara Platts
Customer Services Assistant


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