Haste's "cut-out fire" service

Haste are the experts when it comes to dealing with electrical fires at or around the DNO’s cut-out position. Haste are assigned to deal with about twenty of these incidents every year.

This service is used by most of the UK’s DNO’s to make emergency repairs thus enabling the customer’s installation to be re-energised as soon as possible… most incidents are re-energised on the same day as the fire!

Whether a small domestic premises or larger commercial / industrial, Haste’s emergency electrical repair service is the best and fastest solution.

The picture below shows an example that occurred as a result of a faulty meter in a customer’s 1st floor flat.

Haste engineers attended whilst the fire service were still on site! After liaising with the DNO an action plan was drawn and implemented immediately.

As with every incident of this nature, our first objective is to reassure the customer with realistic timescales and scope of works.

With appropriate DNO liaison, we are often able to arrange alternative accommodation whilst the works are completed. Our experience and customer care skills are essential in resolving these types of incidents with the speed and sympathetic approach necessary since customers are invariably traumatized and anxious.

The next steps involve dealing with the challenge of verifying circuit cabling usually by ‘teasing apart’ the individual circuit cables amongst the melted mess! Then cutting back to undamaged sections of cable and re-terminating into new distribution equipment.

Once the new boards are up and cables terminated, Haste meticulously test the installation before reinstating power.

This particular property was re-energised just 8 hours after the fire was first reported to Haste!

If you would like further information regarding our electrical installation service, Incident management or any service offered by Haste find out more by contacting any of the team at support@hasteltd.co.uk or view the Haste website at www.hasteltd.co.uk

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March 2015

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