SSE Open Day

Haste hosted an open day for SSE displaying their latest range of services and achievements on Tuesday 29th June 2010.

What you missed...

Iain Christie opened the presentations with a warm welcome and a review of how far Haste has come since its inception back in 1996.

SSE Contract Manger for Haste, Austin Cobb, also welcomed everyone and pointed out that the working relationship is one that has been built on sound trust over the years and the whole range of Haste’s services are a vital part of the SSE customer care package.

The Emergency Neutral Fault service as championed by Haste was considered and the full scope of services included in a Voltage Incident service was examined.

How Haste has raised the bar with all aspects of the business from Quality to Health & Safety – and has a brand new image to suit.

Also on the agenda was how the range of services now offered by Haste has considerably grown and how this has evolved with SSE and other DNOs.

These services were briefly examined - in particular:

Voltage incidents
Investigations on irregular claims where all that appears normal, Haste can investigate a claim on SSE and often prevent any costly claims being paid out without qualification.

Welfare & Information Vehicle
Recent trials have been successful in having a ‘Welfare Wagon’ on site to deal with Customer service matters on site. A tea wagon where people can get a cuppa' and information about their fault to eliminate any unnecessary calls to the ESC or complaints escalating.


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