Solar farm earning money - ahead of time!

With the Feed in Tariff changing from 1st August it was imperative RenEnery selected a reliable contractor to install a flagship Photovoltaic installation at a farm in East Anglia. The Haste PV team ensured a professional response providing a fast and efficient installation - the system was subsequently commissioned with time to spare.

When the sun is shining, it is estimated the power produced by
1830 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels is 400 kW. To a heavy user of
electricity this has the benefit of some considerable financial saving
in addition to the environmental impact or carbon footprint being
considerably improved.

Aware that the Feed in Tariff was set to change from 1st August it
was imperative the project was to be completed in good time; and
to ensure this was not being left to chance RenEnergy employed
the services of Haste to ensure all standards were maintained and
the project finished in a timely fashion.

Jon Laker, Project Manager stated “The challenge was to complete
the project within four weeks so the Haste team set about the
project to ensure no time was wasted and the efficiency of labour
on site was paramount”.

With fierce competition within the industry, Haste have ensured
their drive for quality and reliability has been maintained without
dropping any safety standards. This combined with a fast and
efficient service has left the customer with the project completed
some weeks ahead of schedule.

On completion of the project and at the height of summer the PV
panels have been producing some good return. Power generated
by the system at some 400kW has saved the customer a
considerable sum - and before it was expected!

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