Western Power Distribution gives Haste the big thumbs-up

Western Power Distribution has endorsed the services of Haste and re-engaged their services for the supply of their services.

Haste has now been signed up to a new framework agreement with Western Power Distribution to provide responsive repairs and maintenance to Rising & Sub mains throughout the Midlands. Haste had formerly worked under a framework agreement with Central Networks but has now had the stamp of approval from Western Power.

Since 2006 Haste has been providing installation services to the Midlands regions and has now enlarged the scope to include inspection assessments and asbestos services.

Haste has clearly demonstrated its ability to deliver on a framework whilst maintaining their excellent reputation for customer service. Haste are now looking to consolidate on their services in this region whilst offering the same service to other Regional Electricity Companies as well as Local Authorities.

If you would like further information regarding Haste Electrical works or any service offered by Haste find out more by contacting any of the team at support@hasteltd.co.uk or view the Haste website at www.hasteltd.co.uk Haste

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December 2012

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